All kinds of functions and functions of windows and doors hardware accessories are fully understood.

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Although the doors and windows hardware accessories are only a series of small accessories, they play an immeasurable role in the overall construction of doors and windows system. A good set of doors and windows hardware is enough to enhance the value of a door and window system. So what are the categories of doors and windows hardware? What role can they play?
One, the function of door and window hardware accessories:
Strictly speaking, the development of doors and windows hardware and the evolution of doors and windows are complementary to each other, although they are distributed in every corner of doors and windows, but their strength is still strong. Hardware is an easy to wear product in building doors and windows. At the same time, it is also a place where the "barrel effect" is easy to appear. The selection of hardware accessories will directly affect the quality of doors and windows, the safety and air tightness of doors and windows, and so on. If there is no high quality door window hardware accessories as a foil, it is not to do The legal system makes high performance door and window products.
Two. What are the hardware and windows of doors and windows:
There are many kinds of hinge in door and window hardware fittings, such as bearing hinge, glass hinge, corner hinge, pipe hinge, hinge and so on. These are all within the category of the hinge, but the application is very fine, it is also convenient for people to use, and everyone's understanding of the hinges, do not look at the hinge parts. In our home life, it is not what you can imagine.
2. Track
Speaking of track, we must be very strange. Then in the door and window hardware parts of the track, what is it? The track is the door and window push and pull type, the translation of the track, the existence of the track can facilitate the opening and closing of doors and windows, to prevent the wear and tear of the edges of doors and windows, and to protect the existence of a hardware and windows. We often say that the track includes the push and pull the track, the drawer track, the glass pulley and so on, and the door and window hardware parts of the track, its material is also a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic and a series of material, are now more popular track material, often use these materials to make track.
The function of door suction in door and window hardware accessories is also not to be underestimated. Although it's just a small accessory, its function is unthinkable. Then what is the effect of the doorway that we say? When the door opens, a device that sucks the door page and positions the door page is to prevent the blow or the careless collision to make the door close. It can effectively protect the door page from the external factors and play a protective role in the same time. This is the door suction that Xiaobian understands. Unexpected little door suckers will emit so much power.
4, closed door
Door and window hardware accessories, door closer is also one of them. The so-called door closer is the door with a spring like thing, when the door opens, it can be compressed and released, can automatically close the door, play a protective role, its role is like a spring, can be flexible. The installation of the door closer is to be able to better open and close the door. There is a protective effect on the door, and it can be more accurately closed to a certain position. It is a kind of hardware and accessories products of doors and windows. In peacetime, as long as it is careful, it will often see the hardware and software accessories of this kind of door and window.
5. Other
In addition to the previous doors and windows hardware accessories, in addition to many doors and windows hardware accessories, mainly such as pins, hoist wheels, burglar burglar buckles, pressure bars, door clips, plate pins, door mirrors, beads, magnetic beads, ground springs, and so on, are some useless and useless steel, but in the device doors and windows In the course of the process, the iron and steel play their impeccable role, like a brick has nothing unusual, but a lot of bricks together can make home.

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