Three classification of aluminum alloy doors and windows accessories

DATE:2018/5/23 15:05:25   |TIMES:1810

Aluminum alloy doors and windows accessories are the general name for aluminum alloy doors and windows accessories, and the hardware of our common sense is only part of them. The aluminum alloy door and window accessories are the general name for ensuring the flexible and smooth opening and closing of the aluminum alloy doors and windows, the tight structure, and all the accessories of the door and window accessories. Generally, it can be divided into three categories: hardware, sealing materials and auxiliary parts.

1. Hardware

That is, we often talk about doors and windows hardware accessories, such as handles, hinges, sliding braces, pulleys, locks, crescent locks and a series of door and window hardware accessories. It is mainly responsible for the connection, transmission and opening and closing of doors and windows. It belongs to the core components of the performance of the doors and windows.

Aluminum alloy door and window hardware according to the product classification: transmission mechanism with hands, spinning, hinge (hinge), transmission lock device, sliding support, support gear, pin, multi point lock device, pulley, single lock device and flat open hardware system.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows hardware can be classified as: sliding door and window hardware, flat window hardware, inside and outside accessories and hanging window accessories.

2. Sealing material

Now buildings are talking about energy saving and environmental protection. Doors and windows are also the most important part of building energy consumption. So the sealing of the doors and windows is very important. Wool and glass sealant are the main sealing materials. The tops are mainly used for sealing between frames and fans, and glass sealing strips are used for sealing between glass and fans and frames. Sealing materials play an important role in aluminum alloy doors and windows for waterproofing, sealing and energy saving. The doors and windows of the Pearl are made of imported silicone sealant, which are firm and durable after being dry and good sealing performance.

3. Auxiliary parts

Commonly used auxiliaries are climbing blocks, anti falling blocks, corner guards, bumper blocks, corner codes, connectors, reinforcement and so on. It is mainly used to improve the assembly level of aluminum alloy doors and windows and ensure the overall performance of doors and windows. These accessories are optional accessories and play a role of icing on the cake. They will not affect the basic operation of doors and windows.

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